Consults take place at my practice room at Unit 6, 2 Somerset Road, Durbanville.

Dr Kerry Haarhoff

Cell: 079 175 7662


What To Expect When Seeing a Phytotherapist

Well… firstly, good tea, but going to see a Phytotherapist is much like going to see a GP, with the main difference being the medication & the in-depth consultation.

You can go and see a phytotherapist for all of the same things your would go to see your GP for. If a phytotherapist feels out of their scope, they will refer you to the required specialist just like your GP would.

The first consultation should take about an hour where a complete in-depth history is taken, including information about all aspects of your life – diet, past medical history, current symptoms and so much more. This in-depth information allows us to create a holistic approach to your health and gain a deeper understanding of the root of your health issues.

A typical physical assessment will take place and if necessary, blood tests, scans or other tests may be ordered. After this, diet & lifestyle will be discussed along with herbal medication dispensed to you in the form of teas, tinctures, creams etc.

Not to worry, follow-up consultations usually take a lot less time (only about 20 minutes or so!)

Consultation Fees

First consultation:  R500 excl. medication

Follow-up consultation: R350 excl. medication

  • Any additional medication will be charged accordingly