Signs Your Hormones May Be Out of Balance

I hear you. You’re working out daily, eating all the greens you can lay your eyes on and yet you’re still picking up weight and your skin has started to break out like you’re 30 going on 13.

We talk about hormones so often; Whether we’re referring to an emotional woman as being “hormonal” (PSA to all the men: don’t do that), or talking about our sex drives or their part in the natural progression of a woman to procreate and our ‘ticking clocks’.

As women, we’ve been brought up believing that having hormonal ebbs and flows are just a part of being female and that there’s nothing that we can do about the symptoms that come along with it. We often notice the symptoms but assume that its a) normal or b) something we just need to put up with. And it’s this part that really gets to me. So many women suffer year in and year out thinking that there’s nothing they can do about managing or treating the cause of these symptoms.

Our bodies are designed to work in a balanced state; so why are we okay with having an hormone IMbalance? There are so many signs that women experience and don’t attribute it to their hormones because we’ve been brought up with the understanding that if it doesn’t affect our menstrual cycle, then it can’t be our hormones in trouble.

Here are a few little-known symptoms of hormone imbalance to look out for that aren’t typically associated with your menstrual cycle & PMS. Hair Loss or Thinning

  • Hair Loss or Thinning

Mostly in women, hair loss & thinning is attributed to thyroid hormones and testosterone. But it can also be attributed to insulin, estrogen and certain chronic medications.  

  • Insomnia

SO many hormones can be the monsters under our beds when it comes to insomnia. Estrogen is our biggest sleep-maintaining hormone, however, progesterone also plays a role in calming the nervous system and imbalances with testosterone, cortisol and serotonin can all create the perfect night light that keeps us awake.

  • Weight Gain

That pesky stress hormone cortisol is usually the culprit that keeps us from hitting our weight-loss & fitness goals but hormones including leptin (the hormone that breaks down fat), testosterone, insulin and estrogen can all play a role.

  • Brain Fog

Feeling like your thoughts are a bit jumbled up? Can’t find your keys or forgot why you walked into a room? An imbalance in GABA, serotonin, cortisol, FSH or dopamine could all be playing a role here.

  • Night Sweats & Hot Flushes

Most people associate night sweats & hot flushes with menopause. And it’s true that night sweats are one in a constellation of symptoms associated with it, but women in their early 20’s can experience these symptoms and they are by no means going through menopause (or shouldn’t be. Previously, it was thought that having low estrogen was the problem. But more recently, we have come to understand that progesterone, cortisol and thyroid hormones can all be involved here.

So Where To From Here?

When it comes to treating hormonal imbalance, there is no one-size-fits-all option.

If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms above or more, its always best to see a registered health practitioner so that you can identify the exact cause of your symptoms and get guided, individualised treatment.